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Bright Communication

A Smart Signal Light for the 2017 AEC Design Competition

The Smart Signal Light is an Internet Of Things (IoT) connected, fully programmable LED light with a simple but versatile form.

It is designed to function in an industrial setting but can be adapted for a variety of situations. The design consists of LED strips arranged in a custom extrusion profile, to be visible and easily identifiable from all directions at long distances. Using a wireless control module, commands can be sent to the device remotely changing the color/pattern of the LED strips to convey simple messages quickly and effectively. Alternatively, the Smart Signal Light could be connected to existing machinery to provide additional functionality.

In harsh environments, the extruded aluminum casing holds and protects the LEDs and control module in addition to allowing for easy mounting. To increase functionality, an extruded aluminum coupler can be used to combine multiple Smart Signal Lights allowing them to be scaled up or down.

I received an honorable mention from the judges, placing 5th out of the 55 teams. You can see what the judges had to say about my design here.



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