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Code Name:

Smart ONYX

An Arduino based modification platform for the ONYX RCR electric motorbike.

In the spring of 2020, I was lucky enough to take delivery of an ONYX RCR electric motorbike and it was my pride and joy. I have always been a fan of electric alternative vehicles (electric bikes, Onewheels, etc.) but this was my first, quote-unquote, real vehicle. While calling it a true motorcycle would have been a bit of a stretch it certainly made my school commute much more bearable.

The one major issue it had was a lack of any signals which, in my option, are necessary to stay safe on the road. Enter, Smart ONYX. Smart ONYX was meant to be a platform upon which I turned my RCR into a fully connected smart bike. Unfortunately, I had to sell my beloved bike when an internship took me to the other side of the country, so I didn’t finish all my grand plans.

However, I did accomplish my original goal and implemented a full suite turn and brake signals. While the functions themselves were relatively simple, it was my first foray into real-time systems, and I learned a lot about making a responsive, reliable product.



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