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"Fly Like an Eagle"

The official CubeSat club at Embry-Riddle Prescott.

EagleSat is a student lead CubeSat project supported by the NASA Space Grant Program and Embry-Riddle. Our current mission, EagleSat 2, is a 3U CubeSat set to launch in 2021 as part of NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative. The spacecraft will carry dual scientific payloads; one designed to detect and track cosmic rays and the other to test how radiation in space can affect computer memory.

As the Structures Team Lead, I was tasked with ensuring the spacecraft survived launch and the cold vacuum of space. My team and I designed and built a custom 3U CubeSat structure to be lighter and more space-efficient than commercially available options at the time. Now, as the team moves to the final testing and implementation phase, the structure will be submitted to a bombardment of thermal, shock, and vibration tests to ensure space readiness.

To get updates on EagleSat's status head over to the website.


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