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A robotic "barista" designed for perfect pour over coffee.

Two seemingly independent events collided to inspire this project: I had just learned how to solve for the forward and inverse kinematics of robotic systems and my coffee maker was sh*t. The CaffeBot project attempts to make excellent pour over coffee available to even the busiest univ student by taking time and dedication out of the drip coffee experience.

The pour over method involves exactly what its name implies, pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter. What sets this method apart is that the pouring action is done by hand with specific timings and patterns designed to maximize extraction. Caffebot replicates this action with a 2-joint robotic arm on a revolute base and a peristaltic pump to ensure a clean and consistent extraction. In this manner it is different than standard batch brew coffee machines because CaffeBot can replicate the careful flow control and pour patterns of a talented barista.

The whole device is driven by an Arduino UNO running through sets of joint angles and pump rates calculated via a MATLAB script. This minimizes the computational load on the microcontroller while allowing for easy updates in the never-ending quest for the perfect brew.

CaffeBot is in the final stages of development as processes are refined and final components are being delivered. Check back soon for the final product and GitHub repository containing CAD, wiring, and code.



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