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Physical communication for a digital world.

This is a communication device that attempts to provide the user with an experience that is more physical than instant messaging. This came about from my frequent travels where I would spend a significant time away from my significant other and desired something that could provide a sense of a physical connection.

Reminiscent of the beepers of the recent past, the device is almost painfully simple. It allows one to send and receive a simple message, in this case, a “Boop” and a “Beep.” The experience comes together with a synced light on the device give the option to have a shared experience, or send coded messages when worlds away. Despite its simplicity, the physicality and novelty makes for a fun, enjoyable user experience.

The brains of the device is a Particle Photon, an arduino derivative designed for IoT projects, that has been augmented with a miniature OLED display and clicky, tactile buttons. The whole package comes together in an Altoids sized tin to create a portable, rugged package.



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