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Hello! I'm Alex, a mechatronics engineer with a passion for robotics and multidisciplinary, electro-mechanical design based out of the San Francisco Bay area. I am a maker at heart and love using my skills and developing new ones to solve challenging engineering problems in diverse environments.

I'm currently at a stealth startup where I utilize my multidisciplinary background to help drive the transition to clean energy through automation. I also have some extremely varied internship experiences; everything from using high altitude balloons to expand internet connectivity at Alphabet's Loon to developing micromanufacturing systems for pharmaceuticals at DEKA esearch and Development. I have further developed my skills through a variety of personal projects encompassing everything from a robotic barista to sending an apple pie into the stratosphere. If you're interested, I've put some of my projects below.

Thanks for learning a bit about me! If you would like to know more about my experience, here is my resume, and if you’d like to get in touch, my contact information is below.


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NILE Robotics


Smart ONYX

The Booper

EagleSat II

Smart Signal Light

Wood Quadcopter

Pie in Space


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